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Physical Therapy Article

November 29, 2016

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Articles like this one that I found searching on the Internet for information on Swimmer Syndrome were critical to encouraging me that Annie could be helped by physical therapy on her remaining leg, since she did not have two legs to tape together, which is the usual therapy. This is about a puppy but it describes what was done:

Home-care treatment of swimmer syndrome

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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Annie (of course – don’t they always?) developed her problem over the weekend. We exchanged emails and photos but it was pretty clear nothing could be done immediately, and I took her back to the Humane Society as soon as I could Monday morning. She had her surgery on Tuesday and stayed with the vet at her home for the first few days. I was very relieved because I was terrified of looking after her after her surgery! When she first came to me she had the typical kitten diarrhea, which with the Swimmer Syndrome she always dragged herself through as she used the litter pan…I envisioned having to constantly clean up a poopy kitten with an open wound…but by the time I picked her up Saturday her digestion was fine and the incision was neat and tidy. She wasn’t picking at it and didn’t even have to wear a protective collar. She did get a crate to stay in to keep her from hurting herself by moving around too much but she came out to nurse with her mom (they were all eating kitten food fine but she loved nursing and obviously found it comforting) and for supervised play with her brothers.