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I don’t have any pictures of her “therapy” but I worked with her every day for 2-3 hours. I spent about 15 minutes 3 or 4 times a day with her in my lap wrapped in a towel so she didn’t wriggle away, doing passive motion exercises moving her leg the way it would if she were walking and stretching it for range of motion. I sang to her while we did this — Row, row, row your foot and other simple songs and sea chantys. The rest of the time I kept her next to me on the sofa or crawled with her on the floor and dangled toys and moved her so she was putting weight on her foot in the correct position. She was not supposed to scoot in her old swimmer style but she could move like that like greased lightning so she found it hard to resist. She did best when she was confined to the sofa where I could catch her and prevent scooting. She stayed in her crate the rest of the time, on vet’s orders. She also had a polarfleece sling I sewed for her so I could hang her over the table for “pretend walking”. That ended up being 99% fighting the sling but I think it did help her get the idea….

I also massaged her leg and foot where the paw curls tightly but later the vet showed me that pressing it on the floor while she is standing helps more to build the proprioception of when she is using it correctly.

Actually I do have this picture of her with a selection of some of her toys…



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